New Pattern & More!

There are some new and exciting things coming up soon with Berry Birdy! I have just finished a new little pattern that I have added to my shop, with many more to come, I will be starting my own YouTube Channel sharing my ideas, and sewing techniques I have learned over the past (uh-em) 30 years of sewing, and I have my birthday to celebrate! Check out all of this with updates here and on my Instagram Berry_Birdy!



A MINI A MONTH is a monthly creative box featuring a new sewing project every month, and the supplies to make it! (You may need a spool of thread or stuffing....) Plus, a few extra fun gifts! No running around looking for the supplies, it’s all right there for you to get started!

Each package has a retail value of over $75 and includes:
Monthly theme based on the season
Pattern for new project (Mini quilt, bag, table runner, etc)
Fabric & / or supplies to make a project.  Items will include  fabric, patterns, notions, batting, buttons, thread, etc.
Mini bonus project 
4-5 exciting products

When you're done oogling over your box full of amazing goodies: Get creative and share your projects on our Facebook page (Berry Birdy) or Instagram! ( #aminiamonth ) Enter your photos and win extra prizes for sharing your creation!

We know the joy of a making a handmade item and in our fast-paced world, A MINI A MONTH gives you the chance to make a project, and have everything you need at your fingertips! 

Mission: To provide inspiration and to expand interest in the art of sewing, being creative, and developing new talents! 

Hello! My name is Lesley Chaisson, growing up with parents who were artists, and very creative, gave me a foundation for being open-minded about my ability to develop my own talents.  My Mother told me that “I was born with a pair of scissors in my hand”, and when I was 8 years old, she let me use an old Singer from my Grandmother.  I began making clothes for my Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and that was it! I was completely hooked!!  At 14 I decided to make my first quilt, and I still remember the store my Father took me to so I could choose the fabric to make it.  He was so supportive in my efforts and even made me a frame so I could hand quilt the entire top once it was finished.  This began my fabric collecting career, yes, I consider it just that! I love to find wonderful fabrics and design modern, fun, and easy patterns for everyone to use. Each month, a new pattern will be featured in the mailer along with quality fabrics and supplies. Our goal is to help you save time shopping for your next project, and inspire you to develop your sewing and quilting skills! 

This box is available to anyone in Canada and the US, and you may purchase the mailer quarterly.  So why wait? It’s fast and easy to sign up and you will be on your way to something creative and fun! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at berrybirdy@yahoo.ca.


Mini Quilt Madness

Here is another one of my "micro mini" quilts that I made for the Make Modern Magazine challenge! This one measures at 5 1/2" square, just under the 6" size limit! I hadn't planned on it having the four different colour schemes in it, but I simply love the rainbow look to it.


Micro Mini Quilt

Over the past year I was introduced to Instagram by a good friend of mine who is also a fellow creator of many things such as myself. I tried to stay away from it, since Facebook, Twitter, Email, my Etsy...etc seem to fill my daily internet allotment.  But, I finally gave in, and now I am pleasantly finding IG one of my fav sharing platforms.  Along with the desire to join numerous swap groups, which can be terribly addicting, a couple months ago I created a few micro mini quilts for the Make Modern Magazine.  This one was the teeny tiniest of them all, measuring at 1" square!  I was thrilled that the "fussy-cut" mushrooms and tulips turned out so well, measuring at only 1/4"! Yikes!  I figured it was so small that displaying it among other "I spy" like items would emphasize the size of it best!


Lil' Twister table runner

My wonderful friend made the top of this little runner and had it hanging in her sewing room.... After much admiration, she gave it to me and I quilted it for my kitchen table! I even quilted a hidden butterfly in it.


Quitler's Connection Front Cover!

So, here it is! My first front cover feature!! I was thrilled to find out that they were going to put my creation on the front cover.  I have had many items published in various issues and other magazines....Thanks Quilter's Connection!

Check out the other fantastic items included by going to their site;


Testing out Chalk Paint

With all the new hype about the new finishing techniques with chalk paint, I decided to try it out for myself and see what I think works well.... or if it works at all!!

So the first thing I did was take a letter table that I picked up at a second hand store to try out refinishing.  It had a plain finish on it with a little gloss so I thought that it would be perfect since this "chalk paint" thing says that it can paint on any surface... well... sure, if that's what they say! After filling the cuts and dings in it, I sanded it down so the surface was smooth.
I used a plastic container to mix the paint in so that I could just try it out first.  I put about 2 cups of paint in and then added 1/2 cup of the non-sanded grout. After mixing well, there was still a slightly sanded texture to the paint, which is normal.  The texture it added to the table was really nice and ended up adding an antique look to the table.

Once the table was dried, I sanded the edges to reveal the wood and finish that was under the paint.

 I would recommend using gloves as this next step with the wax is hard to remove from the skin.  I used a scrap cloth and rubbed it over the entire surface of the table.
 The wax gave the table a smoother finish and made the sanded edges show up a little more to show a rustic look.  I added an iron handle which finished the table off well!
 Be sure to let the item dry fully before you use it.  I found the wax took about 2 days until I felt I should put something on it.  I was very happy with the paint and the finish it produced and would use it again!  Keep in mind that this paint is durable, but it doesn't make your item scratch resistant.  Although, with most rustic pieces, it always adds charm to the items!


I was asked to create centerpieces and decorate for a holiday gathering this season and put together rustic and bird themed groupings.  They were a hit and I decided to take some photos of my favorites to share. I simply gathered items from around my home and mixed them with Christmas bells, berries and baskets.  Hope these give you some ideas for your next party or dinner!


Washing instructions

So, I picked up this adorable scarf the other day while shopping in West Edmonton Mall and like all new purchases, I quickly looked at the tag to see how to care for it. I simply had to laugh at this one! Along with this list, it should say "Do Not Use" or "Do Not Wear"!!! 


Upcycled Dresser Drawer into a Shelf

On your next trip to the dump...reconsider throwing out that old dresser that is falling apart! I took an old drawer and added a shelf to it, and molding on the top, stained the sides and inside and painted the top! Then I sanded it down to give it an aged look....and here it is...an adorable shelf to hang on the wall!