How to sew a pouch in 20 - 30 minutes

So I'm taking the plunge here and now have posted my third #YouTube video! They aren't perfect, and I still am not sure how to make changes, add in my logo, and add music, but I figured it is better to have something out there then nothing at all!
Check out how to make a pouch in less than 30 minutes, ( I made mine in a record breaking 12 minutes! )  Go to https://youtu.be/PDykCkdPFR4
and learn some simple steps for putting in a zipper - and it's fully lined too!



Mini Paper Pieced Hexie Pattern

For the #100hexies100days2017 many of us followed with @SewFoxyMama during the past few months, I decided that my finish hexie needed to be a stunner!  With my love of strawberries and paper-piecing, along with things that are super tiny small, I figured this strawberry hexie with an ombre paper-pieced border would do the trick.  I have made a small video showing the steps of paper-piecing on YouTube and a 1 min video on Instagram.  For the FREE pattern below, simply click on the picture and then drag it to your desktop.  The sides of this hexie measure 1 1/4", but you can size yours as you like! Enjoy!


10" Hexie Quilt

With the ending of #100hexies100days2017 on Instagram that my daughter Maran from @sewfoxymama began 100 days ago, I thought it would be fitting to feature hexies this week on #20over20berrybirdy!  So this is the hexie pattern I am going to share... It's made from a layer cake that was being carefully stored on my sewing table just waiting the perfect pattern. I love it because it can be made in an afternoon, simply by trimming the corners of the 10" squares and then sew them together in columns. So, grab a layer cake that is just waiting to be used and get started! I have included the pattern piece, just drag it onto your desktop and print on a full size 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper.  To be sure the size is correct, measure the long side of the pattern piece. It should measure 10".


Watercolour Quilting

Watercolour quilting is one of my favourite techniques! I love the blending of the fabrics to create a beautiful fabric masterpiece! Here are a few steps to get you going, but you can also check out my video too, for full instructions!

Start off with a selection of light, medium and dark floral or medium print fabrics.  I find florals work best for the blending effect. Cut the fabrics into 2" squares. You may use 2 1/2" squares too, but the blending can become slightly harder with larger pieces.

Begin your project by laying out your squares, starting with lights or darks and putting squares together that blend well.  You will find it helpful in some instances to turn your squares so they blend better, so even flipping your fabrics over so you have a lighter piece.

You may make your project as big as you like, or blend from dark to light, from top to bottom, or even blend dark to light and then to dark again! Be creative and try it out!  You can even try to fit in fun prints like the dogs and the houses on the bottom row. :)

Stitch your squares together in rows and then sew the rows together.  I like to press the back of my project first so that I can be sure all seams are butted up against each other and they press in the right direction.  Mist the front of your quilt and then press again.

Make your project into a pillow, bag or even a pretty wall hanging!


Paper Pieced Owl Pattern

Welcome to my blog! If you are joining me with the #20over20berrybirdy sew along on Instagram, you have come to the right place! I have attached the pattern that we will be working on this week as I show the paper piecing steps.  I have chosen this fun Woodland Owl bag to start with as we learn new sewing and quilting techniques. Once we create the Owl, we will make him into a bag so you have something you can save for a gift, or use yourself.    

Your Owl image should measure at least 8" square. (To find onto a 8 1/2" X 11" paper) You are welcome to make yours bigger if you wish.

Follow along on Instagram for little videos to help get you going! @berry_birdy


Mini Dresden Plate Pincushion

With a few small little leftover pieces and this adorable vintage milk white bowl, I made this super easy pincushion for my sewing room!  These instructions are so easy to follow and you will find it come together very quickly! Please note: this pincushion will fit into a 5"- 6" container.

Cut 13 pieces from your favourite scraps that measure 1 1/2"X 3". Fold them over lengthwise and sew a 1/4" seam across the top.  Turn the point right side out and press as shown.

Sew the pieces together along the sides using a 1/4" seam.  Sew them all in a row.
This is the back of the pieces sewn together.

Lay on your cutting table and trim them to 2 1/4" from the point.

Sew them together to form a complete circle.

Using your finger, fold all the seams in the same direction making the fabrics overlap slightly to form the flower shape.  You will need to gently move the pieces so that they all end up folding the same amount.  Press well.

Cut a 2 1/2" circle and gather around the outer edges.  Pull together to make a circle and so the seams are in the centre.

Press well.

Place the dresden plate and circle on 10" square or cut circle. Pin in place. Stitch in place as desired.  I used free-motion quilting and stitched down the outer edges and centre circle.

If you haven't already used a circle, cut the outer fabric into a 10" circle.  Gather the outer edges using a long thread.

Fill firmly with stuffing.  Using a glue gun, and working quickly, put glue around the inner edges of the container or bowl.  Gently press the pincushion into the container and press around edges to be sure it is stuck.


New Pattern & More!

There are some new and exciting things coming up soon with Berry Birdy! I have just finished a new little pattern that I have added to my shop, with many more to come, I will be starting my own YouTube Channel sharing my ideas, and sewing techniques I have learned over the past (uh-em) 30 years of sewing, and I have my birthday to celebrate! Check out all of this with updates here and on my Instagram Berry_Birdy!



A MINI A MONTH is a monthly creative box featuring a new sewing project every month, and the supplies to make it! (You may need a spool of thread or stuffing....) Plus, a few extra fun gifts! No running around looking for the supplies, it’s all right there for you to get started!

Each package has a retail value of over $75 and includes:
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Mission: To provide inspiration and to expand interest in the art of sewing, being creative, and developing new talents! 

Hello! My name is Lesley Chaisson, growing up with parents who were artists, and very creative, gave me a foundation for being open-minded about my ability to develop my own talents.  My Mother told me that “I was born with a pair of scissors in my hand”, and when I was 8 years old, she let me use an old Singer from my Grandmother.  I began making clothes for my Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and that was it! I was completely hooked!!  At 14 I decided to make my first quilt, and I still remember the store my Father took me to so I could choose the fabric to make it.  He was so supportive in my efforts and even made me a frame so I could hand quilt the entire top once it was finished.  This began my fabric collecting career, yes, I consider it just that! I love to find wonderful fabrics and design modern, fun, and easy patterns for everyone to use. Each month, a new pattern will be featured in the mailer along with quality fabrics and supplies. Our goal is to help you save time shopping for your next project, and inspire you to develop your sewing and quilting skills! 

This box is available to anyone in Canada and the US, and you may purchase the mailer quarterly.  So why wait? It’s fast and easy to sign up and you will be on your way to something creative and fun! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at berrybirdy@yahoo.ca.


Mini Quilt Madness

Here is another one of my "micro mini" quilts that I made for the Make Modern Magazine challenge! This one measures at 5 1/2" square, just under the 6" size limit! I hadn't planned on it having the four different colour schemes in it, but I simply love the rainbow look to it.


Micro Mini Quilt

Over the past year I was introduced to Instagram by a good friend of mine who is also a fellow creator of many things such as myself. I tried to stay away from it, since Facebook, Twitter, Email, my Etsy...etc seem to fill my daily internet allotment.  But, I finally gave in, and now I am pleasantly finding IG one of my fav sharing platforms.  Along with the desire to join numerous swap groups, which can be terribly addicting, a couple months ago I created a few micro mini quilts for the Make Modern Magazine.  This one was the teeny tiniest of them all, measuring at 1" square!  I was thrilled that the "fussy-cut" mushrooms and tulips turned out so well, measuring at only 1/4"! Yikes!  I figured it was so small that displaying it among other "I spy" like items would emphasize the size of it best!